Echoing Soundz conceptualized and implemented a direct plan of action to bring attention to Flaucy Apparel’s highly anticipated appearance at the famous 3-day MAGIC Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV.


F-ASHION L-IFESTYLE A-RTS U-NIFYING C-ULTURED Y-OUTH, is the defining acronym of FLAUCY, Inc., the neo-urban apparel enterprise taking a stylish, edgy new approach to today’s fashionable street wear. Carving a new niche in the landscape of casual attire, while cultivating a medium within fashion, lifestyle, and culture. FLAUCY Inc. owns and develops lifestyle brands for the fashion and budget conscious consumer who wants their clothing to make a statement. FLAUCY is more than a clothing company, it’s a lifestyle movement led by its Founder and CEO, veteran footwear and apparel authority Nate Wills (FUBU, Reebok, Original Penguin, Sean John, K1X, Run Athletics, Pastry). Wills solicited publicity services from Echoing Soundz after being referred by a friend.


  • Create social media awareness and anticipation of Flaucy’s presence at MAGIC
  • Secure media (news outlets, photographers, videographers) to stop by Flaucy’s booth and cover their new fashion
  • Generate list of guests to invite to visit Flaucy’s booth including stylists, models, tastemakers and other designers
  • Secure celebrities/personalities to visit Flaucy’s booth
  • Provide On-Site publicity support for all 3 days of the trade show
  • Plan and execute an exclusive “Flaucy Suite Party” for special invited celebrity, fashion and tastemaker guests

ES Solution

For an event of this magnitude, Echoing Soundz utilized its strong relationships with celebrities, media and fashion tastemakers to set up booth visits and coverage well ahead of the scheduled trade show. Upon arrival, Echoing Soundz’ team sought out additional national and Las Vegas local media while on site each day, to spur new coverage and attention to Flaucy’s fashion.

We knew our broad reach, coupled with Flaucy’s already established reputation and celebrity co-signs, would generate a great amount of press for the fashion brand’s debut at MAGIC.


Echoing Soundz assisted in spurring a massive amount of on-site and media interest in Flaucy Apparel as well as its associates’ brands Flaucy Queens, Tuxx by Sachika, Dyme Lyfe, and Bad Penny. Using our relationships and industry connections, Echoing Soundz secured a slew of celebrities to stop by Flaucy’s booth to meet Nate Wills and check out the fashion, including rap superstar Big Sean, NFL star DeSean Jackson, BET’s 106th Fashion Designer Angela Simmons, VH1’s Chrissy & Mr. Jones star and rapper Jim Jones, as well as rap artists Slim Thug and Whoo Kid, making it one of the most popular and highly-trafficked stations that year. Echoing Soundz secured national and local media outlets, spanning print, TV and online mediums, to cover Flaucy’s fashion each day of the 3-day event. Echoing Soundz developed and implemented the idea of hosting daily fashion shows at Flaucy’s booth to show off the label’s men’s and women’s fashion to both on-site onlookers, media and guests, as well as thousands of fashion lovers online. Each fashion show was broadcast via a live stream for social media users to capture a real-time look at what was happening at MAGIC. After just the first two days of the event, Flaucy and its associates experienced an unprecedented influx of sales and overwhelming interest from buyers worldwide.