The Bobby Effect Will Leave You “Hungry” For More In Her Latest Captivating Release

Cali rapper The Bobby Effect earned the nickname “trill goddess” for her contrasting mix of hood sensibility and enlightened world view. Her latest video “Hungry” from full-length album E11EVEN continues with that theme of duality as she plays a cooperative role AND draws a line that can’t be crossed at the same damn time:
I never been a greedy b*tch/ I want my friends to eat/ But when I’m in line at the buffet please don’t jump in front of me!
With a voice and style that sounds like a cross between Odd Future and Nicki Minaj, “Hungry” delivers more of the lyrical heat-seeking missiles that Ms. Bobby is known for while pushing the boundaries of her loved identity. The metaphors of the abundant food and her “luxury baggage” speak to her commitment to win and a willingness to face her own demons. Colorful scenes of her feasting with the squad, being covered in sushi and flowers and even channeling King of Pop Michael Jackson make “Hungry” a captivating visual experience from start to finish and do justice to the song that’s been a stand-out track from her most recent studio project.
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