Camilla Poindexter Joins Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club And Makes an Unforgettable Replacement Entrance As Tagged “Cali Kutt Throat”

Los Angeles, CA (April 17, 2012) – Bad Girls Club rookie Camilla Poindexter caused quite a stir last night after being thrust into the coveted Las Vegas house mid-season. The Long Beach native, along with fellow newcomer Christine, replaced troublesome twins Gabi and Dani who were attacked by their female roommates and removed from the residence.

Camilla said she was grateful for the opportunity to star alongside Amy, Bria, Gia, Erica, and Elease, but wasn’t expecting the ladies to be so cold upon her arrival. Tension got the best of the roommates when emotions erupted in Episode 812 of the reality series. After spending the night drinking and bonding with Amy, including a make-out session and private shower, tempers flared between the budding friends. Not one to back down from a confrontation, Camilla and Amy engaged in a physical scuffle, leaving Amy’s hair extensions on the ground.

Amy initiated a truce the next day but the worst was yet to come. After feeling ignored and left out of the group, Camilla decided to move Elease’s bed out of her room when she wasn’t around. The girls didn’t appreciate the move and attacked Camilla, throwing her mattress into the swimming pool. “Everybody thought I was trying to fit in so bad, but I was just doing me and trying to have fun. They didn’t like that,” says Camilla.

Growing up as an only child, Camilla never had to share a room with anyone, especially not a house full of “bad girls.” The roommates’ cold welcome almost caused Camilla to return home to Los Angeles, but she “decided to make the best of the situation and live it up in Vegas.”

Since her brief stint on Bad Girls Club Season 8, Camilla has received an outpouring of support from new fans and supporters. Followers on Twitter and Facebook even repeated some of her quotes on the show, including “Mama, I’m sorry but I just beat a bitch ass.” Camilla didn’t make any best friends on the show but also wasn’t hated by everyone. “The twins have reached out to me as well as Amy to make sure we don’t have any beef. And I never had a personal issue with Gia,” Camilla says.

Although living in the house taught her not to trust those around her, Camilla says her life has changed for the better already with nationwide requests to host parties, make appearances and sign autographs, flooding in. Camilla is currently taking acting classes and modeling, while working toward becoming a serious actress, show host and producer of her own TV show. Every Thursday, she gives back to the community by spending time with young kids in Compton, helping them with homework, self-esteem and family issues.


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