Atlanta’s TIG Records’ Newest Rap Star YFN Lucci “Wish Me Well” Mixtape is Live

Atlanta's TIG Records' Newest Rap Star YFN Lucci "Wish Me Well" Mixtape is Live

Think It’s A Game Records unveils newest addition to the label with the release of  YFN Lucci featuring Rich Homie Quan on “Exactly How It Was”

ATLANTA, GA (Dec. 16, 2014) – Think It’s A Game (TIG) Records’ YFN Lucci, Atlanta’s fastest rising Hip-Hop star, finally gives fans what they’ve been waiting for with the release of his highly anticipated mixtape titled “Wish Me Well,” exclusively downloadable on The new project features a series of thought provoking, mind-over-matter episodes sure to hit home amongst new listeners and already devoted fans.

Heavily supported by every urban mainstream club from Lenox to Summer Hill in the Atlanta area, YFN Lucci’s “I Wonder Why” track has been stamped a certified street anthem. Today, TIG Records formally introduces their newest artist alongside of Platinum selling rapper and also label mate, Rich Homie Quan on a strong complimenting rap-bomb titled “Exactly How It Was.” YFN Lucci continues to turn a new page in today’s southern music culture with his unique delivery, visual cadence and intellectual street sermons. Just a few days ago, YFN Lucci released a racy “20 Dimes” video on and in less than a week he is releasing a brand new mixtape and new video for “I Wonder Why.”

“With the confusion and state of emergency in this world we are all living in, music is retreating back to the comforting basics of being real. With that being said, the streets need a spokesperson, and YFN Lucci is the one. In fact, YFN Lucci is the new voice of the streets. My team and I have taken our time to develop Lucci and we’re proud of our presentation,” says Think It’s A Game Records CEO G. “Fly” Henry, who also discovered Trinidad James in 2012, Rich Homie Quan in 2013 and now YFN Lucci in 2014. Think It’s A Game Records continues to shine as Atlanta’s most successful indie label with a consistent track record of bringing Hip-Hop’s favorite artists.

Keep up with YFN Lucci and Think It’s A Game Records on Twitter and Instagram: @YFNLucci @TIGRecords

LISTEN: “Exactly How It Was” — YFN Lucci feat. Rich Homie Quan

DOWNLOAD: YFN Lucci’s New Mixtape “Wish Me Well”

WATCH: “Many Men: Wonder Why” — YFN Lucci



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