Leeb Godchild has seen the darker side of life after coming up in a rough neighborhood in West Philadelphia and learning how to make money on his own. Now on his newest single “Dance with the Devil,” he’s delving into the concept of “evil” in a new way: Heaven or hell ni**as, really no telling/ I’m on a mission my ni**as rebelling… I got some secrets i’m never revealing/ F**k being hero I’d rather be villain.

Over dramatic production from KarnBeats , the baller-turned-rapper goes in on the concept of “the devil” and pushes his listeners to question their ideas of right and wrong. As Godchild explains, ” Philly is a real religious city so I learned about it very early on, but my household didn’t get real religious until I was already in high school. I used to think of the devil in the literal sense, but now he’s more of a concept to me… I always compare trappin with ‘dancing with the devil’—you know it can lead to worse things and it’s a major risk, but you still do it for the thrill and benefits…”

“I’m saying I have a lot of love for my ni**as in the trap in this song because I know the feeling of chasing money with no goals attached. When I say f**k with my dough then you f**k with the devil it’s basically the same as you play with fire you’ll get burned. It’s a cutthroat game and you have to be prepared for the extreme in any situation.”

Leeb Godchild’s creativity and philosophical side comes out in his art with the help of video director BenMarc —and the inclusion of some heart-stopping baddies in “Dance with the Devil” is no accident. “Women have had the ability to get men to do what they want from the beginning of time. So just knowing that, guys understand the power women have over their lives…and sometimes that can lead to much darker things,” explains Godchild.
As he prepares to bring his second round of releases to the world after cementing his talent on freshman project Chasing Dead, it’s clear that Leeb Godchild is exploring many different sides of himself and isn’t afraid to push the boundaries. Peep the full visual and track above and keep up with this complex artist here —> @leebgodchild