Oakland Songstress and Raphael Saadiq Protégé Jane Handcock Drops Captivating New Single “647”

Sought-after R&B songwriter-turned-singer Jane Handcock is making her mark once again, dropping captivating single “647” after her solid EP release, Where’s Jane? Series 1, this summer. Not every aspiring singer in Oakland has the good fortune to have two mixtapes executive-produced by multi-Grammy winner Raphael Saadiq, but not every singer in Oakland is like Jane. Only in her twenties, the talented Ms. Handcock has already written hit lyrics for the likes of Kelly Rowland, Ma$e and Adrian Marcel, and recorded with Bay Area rap legends Kevin Allen (fka Erk Tha Jerk) and Mistah F.A.B. And she’s just getting started.

On “647,” Jane Handcock does what she does best: pours out her heart about real life. But the narratives from this wise soul are refreshingly aware: As long as I’m with you, everything is cool / I don’t get too deep, cuz every-time we lose/ That’s why I don’t think, I just only do…what I FEEL. As Jane explained in a recent interview, she only writes from real experiences, and anyone she works with has to connect authentically to her own life.

“I was raised to believe that you never talk about what you haven’t been through and I’ve taken that belief subconsciously into my music. I don’t write about things I haven’t been through, so when I’m writing for somebody else, I tap into them FOR REAL.”

In “647,” Jane Handcock puzzles through the ups and downs she experienced while dating someone in the 647 area code in Canada. (We’re not saying it was Drake, but we’re not not saying that. ;) Her sentiments in “647” about wanting to be strong, but also wishing she could let everything go, reflect a young woman who’s done some deep reflecting. This ain’t no fairy tale baby / The future is scary as hell baby. Jane’s voice adds not one, but MANY gorgeous patterns over a track that sounds simultaneously vintage and futuristic, singing fluttering pitch-perfect melodies, then effortlessly shifting gears into a hard rap-singing flow that might rival your fave emcee. As she steps out of her role as a writer into the spotlight, there’s no doubt Jane Handcock is showing us something VERY different than what we’ve seen before. Follow her here if you’re ready for it —-> @handcockjay